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   Deadly Frost is a very dark high-octane thriller about a delusional serial killer with a mission and the man who got in his way.  Captain Talus Frost, (Frosty), an Air Force flyer and part-time martial arts instructor ends up fighting for his life when he interrupts hulk-sized serial killer, David Allen Zane, (Daz) in the process of kidnapping his next victim during an attack on Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska. Daz is a psychopath who believes bringing death is his destiny, and gift.  When Frost defeats him and saves his intended quarry from her “destiny” – Daz is disgraced and revenge becomes his obsession.  When the legal system fails, Daz is soon free to prey on new victims while beginning his mission of exacting revenge.  Before his violent fury, families are destroyed as his attacks and carnage spread across the country.  In revenge, he comes after Frost’s family.  He’s an entity of pure evil.  The legal system failed; so now Frost is coming.


    This is the story of a deadly conflict between a good but haunted man against evil personified.  The story is at times maddening in its depiction of injustice, terrifying and graphic in its descriptions of evil; exciting with realistic action and fight scenes, and at other times is touching or hilarious.  The conversations between Frost’s Air Force flight crew, friends and family, cops and bad guys, and a tough, funny and smart lesbian couple (who become objects of manic hatred after injuring and embarrassing Daz); are witty, real, and will often cause you to suddenly laugh out loud.  


This story will make you laugh, and it will make you cry.  Daz will make you want to leave the lights on. 


Deadly Frost is available at any of these digital stores:





Edited and Filmed by NICOLAS TROY

Produced by NIKI HEART,

Wix Films LTD.

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