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Boring - but Important Statistics about Understanding Rape/Sexual Assault Risks

UPDATE: Deadly Frost has now sold/downloaded well over 1000 copies. That's awesome news. I recently discovered that Deadly Frost is being sold all over the world, not just the US. There have been many sales all over Europe and Canada. There have even been sales in Australia. As a first time author that is extremely exciting. Last brag before the actual blog - Deadly Frost has now had 14 reviews with a 4.5+ average. Amazon - which is the one so many turn to is at 4.3 average rating.

First, Deadly Frost is still on promotion for free download until Jul 31st. Hopefully you have a chance to read it for free. If you enjoy it, please post a review on the site you download it from, or feel free to post reviews on Goodreads or BookBub.

Her are a few of the review comments (I'll try to do this on every blog):

Amazon Review

“I've read the other reviews and totally agree re. not being able to put "Frost" down. The pace is unrelenting.”


“Fast paced thriller that flows easily. The detailed character development seems lengthy initially but understandable as story progresses. Looking forward to what’s next.”

Barnes and Noble

“Great Suspense. You really get to know the characters. Rooting for the good guys and despise the bad!”

BLOG 7/23/2018

Sorry I didn't get out a blog for June but will try to catch up now.

In June I provided overview training in Sexual Assault Awareness and Street Defense for a women’s and daughters’ group. I was a bit rusty as I’ve had medical issues for the last couple of years so haven’t taught classes in a while. The good news is it forced me to review and update all of my statistical data and review the latest US justice Dept updated info on sex crimes. Having been involved in teaching Sexual Assault Awareness and Street Defense courses since the 1980s, the statistics really haven’t changed much in real terms. The statistics have varied between one out of every 3-4 women to one of every 6 women being sexually attacked (sex assault+rape). That has varied depending on source and year. However I don’t believe those are reliable numbers because the number of unreported sexual assaults are still extremely high and are only estimates.

My OPINION, is that the numbers are low because so many rapes and sexual assaults are plea bargained down to lesser charges or simply buried and not reported. If you look at the number of rapes and sexual assaults REPORTED by universities, they are predominately, and obviously, unrealistic. As an example, in Indiana, using the US FBI and DOJ Crime in The United States report for colleges (2013), the tables report only on “Offenses Known to Law Enforcement.” In Indiana the reported statistics for state colleges and universities on eight campuses around the state, with a total of over 155,000 combined students have reported the following instances of these crimes:

Students: 155,000+

Rape 19

Robbery 8

Aggravated Assault 34

Violent Crime 71

*One of the campuses with over 40,000 students alone reported: 8 violent crimes, 7 aggravated assaults, 1 robbery and zero cases of reported rape.

This is because the federal government allowed colleges and universities to handle these serious crimes through their own campus justice system made up of staff and students. Colleges and universities also often expel students who were accused without any legal charges or the right to a trial. This eliminates their right to a trial to determine innocence or guilt. It also avoids any reporting to a law enforcement agency. So basically not all, but many schools are whitewashing their numbers to make their campus appear much safer than it actually is.

I have found the most honest predicator of the safety form sexual assault and rape is the number of calls for help received by crisis centers in a local area or near a campus. My personal experience is crisis centers receive many calls regardless of the local campus formally reportedly low statistics. Kudos to honest campuses that report realistic numbers. Their PR is damaged, but the reality is they are trying to protect the students through honestly assessing this serious issue.

I’ve talked a lot about colleges and official reporting and how that negatively impact the veracity of these statistics. Women of college age are considered to be at much higher risk and should be aware of that risk. The primary age group most highly reported or rape/sexual assault is 12-34. But please always remember that women can be attacked at any age. Women over 80 years are still attacked.

Women 12-34, beginning especially at dating age become more at risk statistically because most Rape/sexual assaults are date or acquaintance rape. More women of college age are attacked because of many factors. But some of the most important to be aware of is their almost constant proximity to alcohol and/or drug use. These are high risk multipliers. If you are drinking or under the influence your ability to recognize and make decisions is extremely compromised. This affects women of all ages. Even younger children and early teens who “indulge” with their friends increase their risks substantially. So please be aware and watch out for each other. Go out with a friend you can trust. Being alone is also a higher risk factor.

*My goal every blog is always to help you improve your awareness and reduce your level of risk. I don’t want anyone reading this to become afraid of going out or stop trusting people. That’s not my intent. My intent is to improve your odds of living a safer and happier life because you are aware and empowered to take actions that make you feel safe.

Live life well; But live life Smart.

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