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Guest Blog for Best-Selling Crime Writer Sue Coletta - Coming Soon

First - some Great NEWS

I will be a guest blogger for crime writer, Sue Coletta on Aug 17th, 2018.

Sue is an Award-Winning, Best-Selling Crime Writer. I can't tell you what an honor and a privilege it is to be invited as a new author to get an opportunity to write a blog to share my experiences with her many fans.

She is extremely successful as a crime writer. Visiting her website will give you an opportunity to see her expertise and depth as a writer, and how thoroughly she researches her novels to make them realistic. I highly recommend that you check out her site and pick up one of her novels. if you like crime novels - she's a great read. Her newest book, Scathed, is on currently on promotion at Amazon for only 99 cents.

You can find Sue at:

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