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Wanted to Share some Reviews - Deadly Frost is still averaging a 4.5 star rating

Reviews and Blogs (Following is an official review of "Deadly Frost" by TJ Shipley)

It is a compelling read, action-packed crime fiction that works on every level. The twisted psychology of serial killers fascinates me, so the character of Zane was of particular interest. He is a frightening antagonist full of impulsive rage and a terrifying lust for blood. His violence is sickening and the scenes from his point of view are compelling reading. He is not a one-dimensional killer, either.

Amazon Review

“I've read the other reviews and totally agree re. not being able to put "Frost" down. The pace is unrelenting.”


“Fast paced thriller that flows easily. The detailed character development seems lengthy initially but understandable as story progresses. Looking forward to what’s next.”

Barnes and Noble

“Great Suspense. You really get to know the characters. Rooting for the good guys and despise the bad!”

Amazon Review

Deadly Frost has a very dark plot in which the author provides disturbingly powerful visuals. I was scared yet keep coming back to read more. Don’t let this deter you from reading as there is a lot more depth to the story line than just a hunt for a serial killer. It does not have a typical thriller ending which is refreshing. The darkness fades and leaves one reflecting on family, friends, racism, and the social justice system. I definitely would read a second book and hope he brings back a few colorful characters specifically, Pop, Preacher and the sheriff. The dramatic visualization of the fight for your life scenes leaves me wanting for a self defense class with TJ Shipley as my instructor.


“Awesome. Thank you very much! I enjoyed this story completely. I could barely put it away for the next day. Could hardly wait to pick it up again in the morning!!”

Barnes and Noble

“Captivating storyline and great characters!”

GoodReads / Amazon

“The serial-killer thriller genre tends to be overpopulated with gimmicky slasher-film villains, worn out detective cliches, and a remarkable disregard for accuracy in dealing with the subject matter favoring Hollywood action. Done wrong, it's cringe-worthy and melodramatic. Done right however, it's one of my favorite genres. This one knocked it out of the park.” (Following is an official review of "Deadly Frost" by TJ Shipley)

Deadly Frost is engrossing reading from start to finish. I enjoyed his description of many characters, such as Marlene from a local eatery frequented by Frost's father: "Her white and yellow stringy hair typically went 12 directions on a good day - and this was not a good day." "She had a voice like a braking train..." Shipley has a real way with words, and the short chapters keep you moving quickly through the story. Detailed fight scenes include the names of specific punches and kicks. I was not surprised to learn that the author is a Black Belt level Tae Kwon Do instructor.

Amazon Review

“I love the protagonist more and more over time, the character development was amazing.”

Barnes and Noble

“Wonderfully written, serial killer was perfect as was the story line. Wish there was a second to continue this heros antics!”

Amazon Review

“You will want to race to end, it's that good!”

Barnes and Noble

“Wow. Bring a blanket when you sit down to read this thriller… Most everything takes place in the North and you will feel a chill while reading. Intense from cover to cover! Look forward to follow on books from this author.”

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